The society of everything and nothing

We live in a frenetic society primarily driven, among other factors, by immediate satisfaction. The unlimited abundance of food, goods and experiences that our ancestors longed for has turned out to give birth to one of our darkest times psychologically and emotionally speaking. Unfortunately, nearly 8.5% of swedes take some sort of antidepressants (source), peaking […]

PM office future transformation

Digital disruption has moved from a hype to a consistent stream of change that’s redefining markets and industries at a never seen rapid pace. IT leaders report an enormous increase in both risk tolerance and willingness to change and a shortening in the average life of IT projects. Altogether, this has shifted their focus accordingly […]

Project Manager’s role in the Industry 4.0

The disruptive technologies that will emerge at the advent of the new decade will consolidate what it is already considered as the fourth industrial revolution or, in marketing terminology, Industry 4.0. Among these technologies, machine learning, automation, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and the Internet of Things are expected to open up a wealth of new possibilities […]

Face the obstacle

Today’s reflection comes from a quote from Stephen Case, a Hawaiian entrepreneur, investor, writer and businessman in the early stages of the IT industry. You shouldn’t focus on why you can’t do something, which is what most people do. You should focus on why perhaps you can and be one of the exceptions. Stephen Case […]

What is the purpose of a portfolio?

This last week, I started reading the Standard for Portfolio Management by PMI as part of the master I am taking. In this process, I came across an excellent and logical explanation of the reason behind portfolio existence that I would like to share. There are many sources that describe a portfolio and its purpose […]

Security for all sizes

The road to Digital Tranformation for small and medium companies goes usually along with resource constraints in what is perceived as not fundamental matters. Unfortunately, a perfect example of this is cyber security, which should be taken as a key pillar in building an online digital future. Commonly, we hear small business’ owner or managers […]

Driving Digital Transformation

Today there exists a perfect environment for companies to drive their digital transformation. This opportunity window to adapt to the new conditions might not last for many years, therefore the urge of many businesses to realize an accomplishment in this matter. In this episode of the podcast Projectified with PMI, Anand Swaminathan, a senior partner […]

Fear of communication in DevOps

This week I came across a perfect example that accounts for the effect of miscommunication in the DevOps transformation journey in this article on LinkedIn. More precisely, it highlights the severe disconnection of managerial level perceptions from the reality in the organization. The author provides too approaches to handle this situation that I will not […]

Why we change sectors?

Things are undeniably changing fast at all levels. It is not only technology, but also the way we work and relate to others. In this dynamic environment, it is not a so uncommon desire and practice to consider changing sectors at some point in one’s career. This article provides a more detailed analysis of the […]