Increase productivity of remote workers

Remote working is becoming increasingly popular in IT related organizations. Working from home not only benefits employees by eliminating their daily stressful commutes, loud colleges in open offices and impromptu meetings, but it also seems to boost productivity and lead to a healthier lifestyle according to recent research by Airtasker. This new setting might be […]

How to receive negative feedback

Admittedly, leaders are probably the worst in taking on negative feedback. There is a simple explanation for this: once a certain position of power is achieved, a person usually receives less and less feedback. People are often afraid or do not have the enough confidence to speak up and point out a flaw in their […]

Become an emotionally intelligent leader

Emotional intelligence can be defined as the ability to recognise, understand and manage emotions in ourselves and others (taken from the Maetreix website). This is clearly a key soft skill for Program and Project managers, being other fellow humans their most valuable asset for achieving success. In the era of individualism and nationalisms, mankind craves […]

Do you practice critical thinking?

In today’s entry, we continue with the topic of employee skills with one that is often miscategorized as a soft skill: critical thinking. To set-up the stage, critical thinking can be defined as the ability to solve problems effectively by systematically gathering information about an issue, generating further ideas involving a variety of perspectives, evaluating […]

Tell me about yourself

This is certainly the most dreaded part during an interview. It can go either way: the interviewee becomes tense and start mentioning incoherent thoughts or becomes quite fluent and adds up unnecessary information. Personally, I can relate to the former situation, especially when I was in the lookout for my first job. What actually should […]

Do you really know how to prioritize?

I am quite certain that a categorical YES will be your immediate answer, so as it was mine. Think twice! If any signs of doubt have arisen, this post might be interesting you as it will introduce a prioritization mechanism that I have recently read about: the MoSCoW matrix. Managing your time without setting priorities […]

The benefits of paring programming

According to the Agile organization, pairing programming is a collaborative exercise in which two developers share one workstation. The person at the keyboard is usually called the “driver”, while the other is the “navigator” being her focus on the overall direction. It is expected that they swap roles every few minutes or so. The goal […]

Digital Perfectionism

One of the main misconceptions generating lots of resistance during a Digital Transformation is the mentality that digital processes must be perfect. More precisely, this usually happens with AI algorithms. Most people often overestimate what they can do, and in case of any mistakes, they are sent back to the drawing board or the learning […]