Digital Perfectionism

One of the main misconceptions generating lots of resistance during a Digital Transformation is the mentality that digital processes must be perfect. More precisely, this usually happens with AI algorithms. Most people often overestimate what they can do, and in case of any mistakes, they are sent back to the drawing board or the learning phase.

Digital transformation is an evolutive process that ultimately could replace humans with algorithms in certain areas of a company. However, this journey might last many years until those processes are correctly defined and the technology is able to provide adequate results. This means, broadly, that AI systems, for instance, should be incorporated as soon as possible into the production flows, yet at the beginning considering them as a mere assistance, i.e. something helpful to the person using it. Over the years, the algorithm will probably outdone the human capability; then it will be ready for roll-out and autonomous working.

“Don’t aim for perfection. Aim for ‘better than yesterday’.”

Izey Victoria Odiase

In this article of the Digital CIO, the concept of Minimum Viable Intelligence (MVI) is presented as a launching criteria for AI initiatives. Clearly, this threshold is quite subjective and varies depending on the application. Nonetheless, I think it provides a perfect setting for project managers and developers to reflect on their solutions, so that they can reach the market faster and avoid keeping them behind closed doors for unnecessarily long time.


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