How healthy is your working environment?

This is one of the key questions that a leadership team should be constantly bringing into discussion and reflection. Clearly, when having many people looking up to you for inspiration and direction, it can become somehow hard to sense the kind of atmosphere certain projects create in a team. As a leader this must be your main focus, since a positive and collaborative environment is proven to produce work that is both visionary and strategic instead of tactical and operational.

Atlassian has developed a Health Monitor exercise designed to take an honest look in the mirror and assess your team’s health against eight criteria. The goal is to identify strengths, but more importantly to find areas in which growth is necessary. For each of the eight attributes, they provide simple suggestions that your team can take during a period and should be revisited during a retrospective. There’s an assessment for leadership teams, project teams, and service teams. Please head over to the webpage for more information.

Personally, I have never tried a tool like this yet, but I would like to know about you. What is your opinion on this kind of tools? Do they bring value?


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