Become an emotionally intelligent leader

Emotional intelligence can be defined as the ability to recognise, understand and manage emotions in ourselves and others (taken from the Maetreix website). This is clearly a key soft skill for Program and Project managers, being other fellow humans their most valuable asset for achieving success.

In the era of individualism and nationalisms, mankind craves for emotionally intelligent leaders. They are capable to understand that people are drawn and inspired by intrinsic connections and refuse to use separation and confrontation (Divide et impera) as means to achieve their power.

In this LinkedIn post by Stephen Gutzler, he shares his moving experience of how an emotionally intelligent leader had a great influence on his career. Additionally, he suggests the following five action points to work on our emotional intelligence.

  • Find and meet the needs of others by proactive listening.
  • Unlock their hopes and dreams for greater potential.
  • Aim to connect to the heart of those you lead.
  • Focus on strengths and passions and the value they bring.
  • Reach out and care for people at a personal level.

Have you ever wondered how much emotionally intelligent are you? How is your perception?

This test can serve as a starting point to start an introspection on the topic. Here are my results. It looks like that I will have to keep on working on my self-awareness to catch up with the other categories. Let me know in the comments your results too!

My emotional intelligence test results.


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