Increase productivity of remote workers

Remote working is becoming increasingly popular in IT related organizations. Working from home not only benefits employees by eliminating their daily stressful commutes, loud colleges in open offices and impromptu meetings, but it also seems to boost productivity and lead to a healthier lifestyle according to recent research by Airtasker.

This new setting might be challenging for project and program managers. Their most common concern is disengagement and low productivity. In this regard, Thomas Griffin, president of OptinMonster, provides in the portal the following advices to adequately manage and get the best out of remote resources.

  • Invest in time management software. The purpose is not a constant surveillance of your employee’s activities but assist them to plan and organize their work setting priorities.
  • Establish quarterly goals with rewards. Expectations will help your employees understand their job criteria and goals so as to clarify the possible confusions that may arise due to a lack of communication.
  • Hold video conferences. Face to face conversations, even when done online, are more meaningful and provide more communicative nuances than emailing or chatting.
  • Communicate with remote workers every day. In the same way as one would do when the employee is on premises, daily check-ins are beneficial to foster a sense of belonging and ensure a correct alignment with goals and objectives.

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